My Thoughts on the Capitol Building Riot

William Shakespeare said that brevity is the soul of wit. So I’ll make this brief.

If you participated in the riot, you are a moron. Worse, you betrayed the Make America Great Again movement by handing our nation’s enemies political ammunition they immediately used as justification for censoring Conservatives on social media, de-platforming President Trump, initiating yet another impeachment of the President, and knocking the social media platform Parler offline.

What part of “political violence is wrong” did you not understand, after weeks of President Trump speaking out against the burning, looting, and killing being done by Leftists in America’s cities?!

The Left’s media allies will always run cover for them. They’ll stand in front of burning buildings, smile, and tell you the protest they’re covering is “mostly peaceful“. But patriots only have to make one mistake, and the Left and their media allies will go for the jugular like rabid dogs. And that’s just what happened.

This isn’t going to just blow over. Expect Democrats to pass new laws assaulting our civil liberties in a quest to stop “extremists“. Expect social media companies to work even harder to exclude voices that don’t parrot their leftist views. And they never would have been able to get away with going so far, so quickly, without your invaluable help. So thanks for that.

You absolute fools.

IM Sirius

What Goes On Is Not What We’re Told to See

Was the riot at the Capitol Building okay? Hell no, it wasn’t! Just like the seemingly endless weeks of rioting, burning, looting, and killing by leftists in cities across America wasn’t okay! Where was the outrage from Democrats and their media allies then? Hypocrites!