Enemies Foreign and Domestic

Illegal aliens and their leftist allies hate Donald Trump. A Trump presidency means America taking back control of it’s southern border and immigration. And that’s something many Mexicans, who are taught in Mexican schools that America “stole” Mexican land, refuse to accept. They aren’t asking for permission to stay in the US. They’re telling us they’re staying. And if you don’t agree, they will do whatever they want to you. Understand: If you believe illegal immigration must stop, the people in this video want to harm you. Maybe even kill you. That’s reality.

Are we going to bow down to their demands, threats, and violence? Or are we going to show this trash the door?

Arizona Sing-A-Long

It’s always helpful to actually know what you’re talking about before you open your mouth.

When the police pull you over for a traffic stop, they will usually run you through the system to see if you have any outstanding warrants. The new Arizona law requires the police to also check your immigration status if the officer believes there is probable cause to believe you are in the country illegally. For example, if the cops pull over a guy who speaks no English and has no driver’s license, this is a clue that he may be an illegal alien. The new law does not give the police authority to just stop people for no reason, or because they look hispanic. Arizona law prohibits racial profiling.

So when your hysterical liberal friend starts screaming about racism, and people needing to carry papers like it’s Nazi Germany, ask them if they’ve read SB 1070. Odds are they haven’t.