Quote of the Day

“Life is suffering.
Love is the desire to see unnecessary suffering ameliorated.
Truth is the handmaiden of love.
Dialogue is the pathway to truth.
Humility is recognition of personal insufficiency and the willingness to learn.
To learn is to die voluntarily and be born again, in great ways and small.
So speech must be untrammeled, so that dialogue can take place.
So that we can all humbly learn.
So that truth can serve love.
So that suffering can be ameliorated.
So that we can all stumble forward to the Kingdom of God.”
— Professor Jordan B. Peterson, Banned lecture at Linfield College: Ethics and Free Speech

“WHITE PRIVILEGE” … A Message to Young Black (and White) Thugs

From YouTube:
“Certain features have been disabled for this video
In response to user reports, we have disabled some features, such as comments, sharing, and suggested videos, because this video contains content that may be inappropriate or offensive to some audiences.”

While I don’t share the pastor’s particular religious convictions, most of the video is plain and simple truth. That leftists would find his message “offensive” is no surprise. That YouTube would restrict the video in response to people’s feelings is yet another troubling sign of the company’s antipathy towards unpopular speech.

Quote of the Day

“There are a thousand and one gates leading into the orchard of mystical truth. Every human being has his own gate. We must never make the mistake of wanting to enter the orchard by any gate but our own. To do this is dangerous for the one who enters and also for those who are already there.”
― Elie Wiesel, Night